Brian Mueller, MAcc, EA, CPA


I am the founder of Mueller & Associates, CPAs, a value-focused tax and advisory boutique ranked in the top 1% of performing firms nationwide. As a self-driven and results-oriented CPA, I am passionate about partnering with clients, building relationships for life, and propelling their businesses toward unprecedented performance.

A successful self-made entrepreneur of my own, I spent decades in domestic and international tax litigation to then develop a proprietary Advanced Tax Planning platform for high net-worth business owners. Superior results led to clients growing and demanding more, and I answered with our exclusive CFO service which I crafted after working with some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Texas. The powerful merger of these two Advisory services has catapulted our firm and clients to unparalleled levels.

Areas of Practice and Expertise

I am entering my 15th year of practice in Public Accounting and have accumulated a wealth of federal and state Tax Compliance knowledge, Advanced Tax Planning strategies, CFO, and transactions advisory experience. As a dual credentialed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and IRS-licensed Enrolled Agent (EA), accounting professor, and tax litigator, I have been exposed to a diverse array of industries and developed a sought-after niche practice in healthcare and real estate. My expertise also incorporates decades of domestic Tax Litigation and Controversy engagements, where I obtained numerous favorable Tax Court decisions while representing clients before the IRS at multiple trial locations, including San Antonio, Seattle, Oklahoma City, and Little Rock. Furthermore, I have gained substantial International Tax exposure throughout engagements in South America and Europe, leading a Zurich, Switzerland-based office for many years. All in all, I have successfully represented thousands of individuals and business entities in all U.S. 50 states and 41 countries abroad. Finally, I have been involved in the support litigation arena and have been deposed as an expert witness in prior occasions, becoming instrumental in helping counsel obtain multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of their clients. 

I completed my tax internship and apprentice at the prestigious CPA firm Maxwell, Locke & Ritter, LLP, worked for a local CPA firm in the Austin area, and then transitioned to spend over five years as a Partner at a tax advisory firm in Austin, Texas and Zurich, Switzerland before founding of Mueller & Associates, CPAs and its affiliate firm, Mueller 2020 - Business Advisors.

Committed to the Profession, Dedicated to the Community

In addition to my role as Partner at Mueller & Associates, CPAs, I have also been active in the accounting profession via multiple director-level roles at the Texas Society of CPAs (Austin Chapter and Statewide Chapters). I have been involved in academia as a Financial and Managerial Accounting professor at the MBA Program at Concordia University in Austin. Furthermore, I have served as a member of the Austin Community College Accounting Advisory Board, where I have mentored accounting students and have been featured as a guest speaker at local universities in the Austin area. On a separate note, I have been a frequent lecturer and continuing professional education (CPE) instructor on diverse topics, including Advanced Tax Planning and International Tax Compliance. Through the years, I have found time to volunteer and serve the Central Texas community, as I am a financial member of the Board of Directors for TexHealth Central Texas, a non-profit organization that helps Texas’ small businesses provide affordable health insurance for their employees and families.

About Me

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a family of Eastern European origin. I moved to the United States by myself at age 18 to pursue the American Dream, with just a few hundred dollars in my wallet, my beloved Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, and a set of old golf clubs. I left my family and friends to come to the land of opportunity and make my dreams come true, working full-time to get myself through six years of school, while also playing Texas Blues music every single weekend of my undergraduate and graduate life. The rest, as they say, is history!