Tax Litigation

Our Tax Litigation and Controversy practice focuses on achieving a positive resolution to the many disputes that taxpayers face at the Federal and State levels. This service is designed for individual and business taxpayers who may be under examination (audit), experiencing a tax collection matter, or otherwise requiring the expertise of a seasoned tax practitioner to settle their case. When representing our clients before a Federal, State, or Local authority, our team fully embraces client advocacy, and aims to achieve a resolution as timely and efficiently as feasible. We have also developed a proven track record of long-lasting relationships with IRS attorneys, IRS Revenue Officers, IRS Revenue Agents, IRS Offer in Compromise examiners, and other federal and state tax representatives. Such relationships, combined with decades of representation experience, has led our team to deliver very successful outcomes as evidenced by notable Tax Court wins, Offer in Compromise settlements, no-change in examinations (audits), prevention of bank account levies/wage garnishments/asset seizures, and negotiation of installment agreements (payment plans) under flexible and favorable terms for our clients.